Large Family Beef Box (18 to 22 lbs)

Large Family Beef Box (18 to 22 lbs)

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Your Large Meat Box will contain 18 to 22 lbs  of local raised Black Angus Beef from our small family farms.  There will be variety of premium steaks, burgers, roasts and shaved beef shipped to you one time or every month!  In addition, there will be a local seasonal item offered every month.

Example Box:

2 - NY Strip Steaks (total weight. 24 oz min.)

2- Beef Rib Steak or Delmonico (total weight 28 oz min.)

Beef Sirloin or Sirloin Tip Steaks (32 oz min.)

2 - Flat Iron Steak (18 oz min.)

4 - Ranch Steak (total weight 20 oz min.)

2 - Beef Chuck Eye Steak (total weight. 16 oz min.)

4 - Beef Eye Steak (total weight 16 oz min.)

5- Packs: Black Angus Burger (total weight 32 oz min.)

2- Pack: Blank Angus Shaved Steak (total weight 32 oz min.)

2- Pack: Premium Ground Beef (total weight 32 oz min.)

2- Pack: Beef Stew Meat (total weight 32 oz min.)