New York Strip
New York Strip Bone-in

Also Known As: , Strip Loin Steak, Country Club Steak; New York Strip Steak; NY Strip Steak;

Tender, lean and perfect for grilling.

Bone in version available too!

Porter House
T-Bone Steak

Big flavor and often big enough for two. Simply season this sublime combination of Strip and Tenderloin for the grill or oven.

Smaller than the Porterhouse, but delivers the same optimal tenderness and satisfying flavor – all in a lean package that’s ready to be grilled or broiled.

Strip Filet
Tenderloin Filet

Smaller in diameter than the normal strip cut you are used to seeing. Provides the same robust beef tast. Just add salt and pepper before you grill or broil.

This is rated the most tender steak in beef, lean yet succulent, with a fine buttery texture. Sold boneless.

Chuck and Rib

Denver Steak
Delmonico Steak

These steaks are extremely tender with a good amount of marbling and beef flavor. Best when cooked over high heat on the grill.

Also know as the Chuckeye. A tender and savory cut great for grilling.

Country Style Ribs
Ranch Steak

Also Known As: Beef Rib Back Ribs; Beef Riblets; Beef Ribs; Dinosaur Ribs; Finger Ribs; Rib Bones

Beef’s signature ribs for the BBQ, this flavorful cut is great with a dry rub on the grill.


This lean steak is good for grilling or broiling.

Flat Iron Steak
Petite Tender Medallions

Extremely tender, well-marbled and flavorful and great for grilling.

A lean cut that is Juicy and tender small medallions cut from the Shoulder Petite Tender.

Ribeye - Bone-in or Out
Cowboy Steak (Ribeye)

This steak is rich, juicy and full-flavored with generous marbling throughout. It is great for grilling due to the exceptional taste and tenderness Beef Rib Steaks deliver for operators and diners alike.

Also Known As: Frenched; Cowboy Steak; Tomahawk Steak

Tender steak from the Rib with marbling that adds flavor. Simply season and grill.

Rib Cap Steak
Rib Fillet

Rich and satisfying with exceptional tenderness and marbling. Perfect for grilling. Great for grilling and when seperated from the ribeye steak it can be cooked to perfection.

An unquestionably tender but smaller Ribeye Steak. Perfectly portioned for the grill.


Top Sirloin Steak

A very flavor-full and versitile steak. A family favorite for marinating over night and throwing on the grill. Serves several people. Great served as a steak or as Kabobs.

This boneless, lean cut is great value. Makes good Kabobs, Stew Meat or Cubed Steak.

Tri-Tip Steak
Petite Sirloin Steak

This is a nice lean steak that does well when marinated and cut across the grain.  

This steak can sometimes befound marinated and grilled. Often times we grind it and add it to our Premium Angus Burger Patties.

Sirloin Bavette

Bavette is french is "thin". You may have heard it called the Sirloin Flap Steak. This is thin peice of meat that comes from the sirloin is often maid into our Fajita Packs.  


Top Round Steak
Bottom Round Steak

A Great Cut to put in the crockpot and enjoy after work with a nice side and the juices from the slow cooker used for the gravy. Add some carrots, seasoning pack and potatoes and your meal is ready in the evening

A good family cut to be marinated or slow roasted. We often slow cook this in the crock pot. We might have some of it ground into our beef sticks.

Eye of Round Roast
Eye of Round Steak

A lean round roast that can be put in the crock pot or oven and slow cooked in a stock. This is your piece of meet to make your own Beef-On-Weck (ask us for our family recipe).

A lean budget friendly steak that can be marinated and grilled or pan friend.  


Brisket Flat
Brisket Point

The leaner half of the whole Brisket also known also as the “first cut,” this full-flavored meat can be sliced or shredded.

This is in the anterior point of the brisket. Great for the smoker.

Stew Meat

This Versatile cut is great for marinating with vegetables before skewering and putting on the grill.

Angus beef stew meat will add the deep beef flavor. Add it to a beef stew or even a slow cooked stroganoff for the family and put over rice.

Cubed Steak
Soup Bone

This pretenderized cut is great for the battering and putting on a skillet.

For the most flavor possible, use a soup bone to make a great beef broth that gives you the home cooked feel.

Ground Beef Bulk

Enjoy some Black Angus Ground beef in your hand pressed burgers, tacos or meatloaf. This is a family favorite and is truly different than what you get in the store.

Premade patties are easy to throw on the grill when you are in a rush!

Skirt Steak
Flank Steak

This unique and hard to find cut is know for it's flavor. Marinate and cook.

Another cut with a robust taste. Marinate and grill or slice thin for a stir fry.

Short Ribs

Full Beef Flavor. Can be slowed cooked until meat falls off bone, smoked or grilled.