Bacon Filet Holiday Box ( {4} 8 Oz Filet Mignon + {1} 12 Oz Bacon)

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Our 44oz Bacon Filet Box combines the juiciest and most flavorful tenderloins you will ever experience with our fantastic center cut FLXS Pork Smoked Bacon.

Included in this Holiday Box:
(4) 8 Oz - Filet Mignon
(1) 12 Oz - Pork Smoked Bacon

About the Filet Mignon:
From the FLXS Craft Cuts Line, Our 8oz Filet Cuts is one of our most limited quantity cuts. FLX Filet Mignon Steak is Dry Aged Angus Beef, Free of added Hormones, and Pasture Raised with the highest of quality diets to ensure the texture, taste and experience is one to remember.

A fantastic gift for any occasion.